You Can Help!

"Transgender FTM Resources and Support"I have high hopes for this website FTM Now. Not because I can do so much with it, but because I believe the community can do so much with it.

Imagine in a couple of years an online resource where FTM and transmasculine people can meet, talk, find the resources they need, share information, and feel at home. That's what I see and hope to help achieve.

But I can't do it alone. On a good day I can move a boulder. On a lot of days, if I have one spoon left, I can move a spoonful. But I believe that together this community can move a mountain and create something remarkable.

Here's how you can help, one spoonful at a time.

Become a Member of FTM Now

For security reasons we can't have anonymous users posting content. It would be a nightmare, trust me. But I've made the membership process as painless as possible. Just an email and a username (and photo if you want!) With a membership you can post all kinds of content, comment, and chat under your username.

But rest assured. If you aren't comfortable becoming a member - that's okay. You can still view all the content, rate products, media, and resources, and chat under a guest name. 

"Add an FTM Resource"Add a Resource for other Trans Men

This is vital. We need to make it easier for transgender men to access the services they need. Medical, services, advocacy, legal, you name it.

You are likely already accessing some form of service. Please add it to our resource directory. It takes just a minute or two of your time and could mean so much to the next transmasculine person on this site.

Be Available in Chat

We've all been there. When we feel so isolated and lonely it hurts. We need to be there for each other when we can and this is one way to do it.

Write an Article for FTM Now

If you have more experience as a trans guy or even more experience in one small aspect of it, please consider writing an article. You can include pictures to add and it will be edited and formatted for you. Here are some topics that I feel may be of interest to the community.

  • Tips, tricks, and life hacks. Guides to navigating this strange and changing world.
  • Politics and advocacy. This can be an emotionally tough area but one I think we need to address when we have the spoons for it. Would love some diverse views on everything that's going on out there and what we can do.
  • News, Culture and entertainment. I'd love an article about Elliot Page and... the other trans celebrities? I have no idea who they are and would love to learn.
  • Transition. This is a huge category and I'm just a baby trans. I don't have the experience to speak authoritatively on anything! Please help.
  • Whatever catches your interest. As long as it's trans related, it's probably good. If you aren't sure, hit me up in chat.

Rate What You Know and Share Your Thoughts in Comments

Every comment and rating of a product, media, article, or resource helps to guide other trans people. On the techy side it also improves the website's ranking in Google. Which mean more trans men in need of resources and community will find us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and get involved. I have big dreams for this place but I know I can't do it on my own.