DR Z PHD - YouTuber

DR Z PHD Transgender Psychologist

Posted by CorwinK on May 25, 2021


This clinical psychologist has a little YouTube channel that addresses EVERYTHING transgender from a psychological point of view. She often covers topics depending on age, which is great because I have to imagine that transitions vary a lot depending on what age that happens.

She addresses issues specific to trans women, trans men, and non-binary individuals as appropriate. The videos tend to be fairly short but answer a very specific question or concern in a ton of detail. She appears to have an almost infinite amount of experience in working with transgender individuals.

One amazingly sweet thing. She responds to EVERY comment left on her videos. I've tested this and it is true. The level of dedication required to do that on even a small channel is incredible.

As a note she is NOT transgender herself but still an great source of information and insight.


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